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Originally Posted by bastiN54 View Post
where is the aventador?
keeping fingers crossed

Originally Posted by MCM5 View Post

How much lower does your car sit now with h&r? and how does it go compared to stock in different damper settings?
I think its 1" in the front and 0.6mm in the back like TylerStarBMW said.
The springs are a bit stiffer the best I can explain it is in comfort mode it feels like sport, in sport mode it feels like super sport.

Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
Congrats for being the owner of these great cars? I have a GT-R also and love it. Aside from the GT-R and a couple of newer BMWs (135i and 335xi),I am more old school so I have two E30 M3s, and an E30 325is. The 325is was purchased with the intent to turn it into a spec E30 race car. I saw this post by another guy in Taiwan (I am from Taiwan also) talking about his E30 and it reminded me how lucky I am to have the original M3.

The big question is, how the heck do you sleep at night knowing that in TW some people can be so jealous of what you have and vandalism is common place over there?
Vandalism on exotics are rare. I haven't heard anything like that on news or from friends. I guess just dont drive like an A hole and avoid ghetto areas it should be fine.

Originally Posted by 1'M Blue View Post
Any mods on the 458 ?
bone stock with disconnected exhaust valve which sounds sick No plans on modding it I think stock is just fine.

so which one is the slowest ?

M5 I think is slowest...still in break in period so haven't gone past 5k rpm. GTR is stage 2 with custom tune so its fastest from 0-100mph. Above 100mph I think 458 is faster but that's just seat of the pants feel.

Thank you again for all the kind words. Will try to keep the M5 the way it is, simple and least for now.

More pics of the GTR and 458

matching yellow calipers

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