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Bah! 6MT for me always or I won't buy it, if this is the last year I am glad i got it and will buy m3's from now on. No disrespect but all the DCT drivers can't point and shoot their cars and use the little buttons on the steering wheel all they want.

For me it's not about going fast in a straight line, there is nothing better than downshifting on a turn from 5 to 3, with your hand and foot, and getting it perfect to fire out of the hole

Sorry you guys may make fun of me but I would rather have a connection with a car, I really cannot drive an automatic anything precisely.... I can drive it but there is no control for me. Probably has something to do with the fact that I have driven manuals all my life.

Just my opinion, I thought the review was great, he's got a sharp tongue though,