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Originally Posted by eNCore View Post
I recently placed an order for a 2013 M5. My SA called me today to confirm the options with me. I was a bit bothered by the LCI coming next year so I asked him about it, and he told me two interesting things that I would like to share with you guys and see what you guys think.

1. 2013 M5 is going to be a short production car. They don't have allocation for the next 6 months.

2. According to the guy who works at the dealer who deals with M cars. 2014 M5 will not get the LCI changes the 5 series will get.

Any of this may be true?
In my experience there are very few SAs that even know how to spell "BMW." It sounds like yours is one of them.

First, the U. S. spec 2013 M5 started with July 2012 production and the LCI will start with July 2013 production -- seems like a full year to me if they start referring to the LCI changes as the 2014 model year.

Second, I was told by someone in BMW NA that knows, the LCI will include the M5 but the exterior light changes will be "bolt-on" changes if you want to make them.

Third, "allocation" has nothing to do with production. Allocation refers to the process of BMW NA deciding how many high demand, limited availability models each particular dealer will be authorized to sell. BMW NA doesn't commit cars to dealers that far in advance, sometimes only a month or two in advance at the beginning of a model run. What he may be saying to you is BMW NA hasn't allocated any more M5s to his dealership.

When deciding how they will 'allocate' cars, BMW NA takes many things into consideration including prior sales, CSI scores (which is why some dealers plead for "all 5s"), etc. For M cars it usually includes prior sales volume of M cars.

I think your SA is ignorant, or more likely, doesn't want you to have a reason to put off your purchase.