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Originally Posted by Limited Edition View Post
What is Air Blue windshield?
LLumar® AIR BLUE Window Film is an automotive window tint using nano-ceramic technology to achieve an extraordinary level of protection. It dramatically reduces damage to the human skin and vehicle interiors from harmful ultraviolet rays that penetrate ordinary window glass, while keeping the vehicle significantly cooler.

AIR Blue film can keep a vehicle’s interior surfaces as low as 30 degrees cooler when compared to an unprotected vehicle. This temperature reduction not only increases comfort but it also reduces the use of a vehicle’s cooling system helping to decrease fuel consumption for a greener environment.

AIR Blue was created as a high-tech nano-ceramic technology. In other words it is a non-metallic substance that has been specifically designed with your vehicle’s electronic accessories in mind. LLumar® AIR BLUE Window Film does not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors, or global positioning systems

AIR Blue provides the ultimate in comfort and protection as well as an elegant look while other films employ very dark unattractive tint to achieve similar levels of solar rejection. AIR Blue’s color is light enough to meet most visible light transmission laws with a high degree of optical clarity and low reflectivity. It will not impede night driving vision and LLumar® AIR BLUE allows your best friend to recognize you when he or she pulls up along side.
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