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I wrote a post about this on another forum. I think it's really strange that so many people prefer the stock wheels on so many cars. I mean there are hundreds of beautiful wheel styles out there, the chance that BMW would put the wheel that most people think looks the best just doesn't make sense.

I think a lot of people like the stock wheels becuase they are the stock wheels. It's what BMW decided to put on the car, it's the first wheels they see on the car and therefor it's the best. And just like singularity says, it becomes to "gangsta" to change.
But there are quite a few people who doesn't want to spend $5-8000 for "just" a different type of wheel, even though they just bought a $100k car

The only cars I would keep stock are hypercars and some limited edition cars. But on "standard" cars like the M-cars, I love aftermarket wheels.

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I believe the percentage of people who change their wheels to these style wheels (few) reflects the actual percentage of people who prefer these over stock, not monetary concern.
I disagree, I think most people would prefer the look of an M5 that was lowered 1" and had nice 21" wheels over a stock M5.