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Originally Posted by star21
I would disagree. I think it's stereotypically wrong to label changing any factory parts out as "gangsta". Just using that phrase in general shows a lack of understanding of the culture and I think that's exactly what it is, a cultural misunderstanding. Please do not misunderstand me when say this. This is not a personal attack, I just wanted to point a few things out.

For instance, Americans (particularly in the West Coast California scene) you'll see a lot of individualization and customizing. From the hot rod days to now, everything has been about being unique. To be honest, I think this culture has even influenced many tuner cultures around the world which previously had little to no customization interest at all.

To go even further, it also seems it even has influenced the OEM market and how they build cars. In the 90's you only saw 14-16" wheels as the norm. 17" and 18" would later start making more appearances and now here we are with the F10 M5 having 19" standard or 20" optional wheels. Rolling on OEM 20" wheels makes it less "gangsta"?
I agree, it must be the cultural preference.