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Important clearbra learning

I remember someone on the forum posted that they were very happy with their clearbra install, but the one thing that bugged them was a seam in the middle of the center intake area.

When I dropped my car off today for the clearbra install tomorrow, I mentioned that I didn't want this seam to the installer. He said he wraps the edges to make it seamless, but on the bumper they tend to use templates with the edges being wrapped.

We looked up the templates - Xpel is the only template software company with templates for the M5 and it turns out they have 2 templates for the bumper: One with a seam in the center intake and one which is seamless. The seamless one is apparently harder to install based on Xpel's difficulty rating. The installer said he would use the seamless one of course.

However I can imagine that some installers may not be aware that there is a good and a bad template for the bumper - so watch out for this if you are doing clearbra.