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(Meisterschaft Full cat-back system + OE/Stock ECM)

As usual, Meisterschaft Full cat-back (90mm piping) system does not require any ECU upgrade.
The vehicle runs great without any problems and Power gain is handsome as you see on our previous posts.
Here is the link to GTHAUS blog about this cat-back system.

(Meisterschaft Full cat-back system + TS1 : TYR Tech Stage 1 ECM tune)

When you couple up TYR ECU tune with Meisterschaft Full cat-back system, it truly shines.
Due to 90mm large diameter piping utilization on our system,
you will be able to maximize your HP/TQ with (stage 1) ECU tune and works absolutely the best of all.
Solid power gain is achieved and you shall see the result on this particular video.
This (stage 1) step has been thoroughly tested, completed and we are now offering to public.
Vehicle operation is very smooth and power gain is truly awesome.
Stage 1 Software brings Moderate (HP/TQ) claimed gain as you see on this video
and also Top-speed governor (Vmax) removal

(Meisterschaft Full cat-back + turbo back special Down pipes + TS2: TYR Tech Stage 2 ECM tune)

Now Full cat-back system + Downpipe (Cat delete) which will require TYR tech - Stage 2 ECU set up.
We have been testing Stage 2 ECU for several weeks already (since after SEMA) and will be offering to public
after our road testing is done in few more weeks.
So far again the result is very impressive and no issues for past 800+ miles with stage 2 setup.
Stage 2 tune will bring Aggressive (HP/TQ) gain, Cat-removal, Vmax removal without any engine faulty codes
We will be releasing stage 2 set up video soon, please stay tuned.
It sounds exciting (almost sounds like JET plane with those turbos) and it performs truly amazing.

Anyone who is interested in this, our doors are open, please come in and see it for yourself. Thanks~!


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