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We are getting a lot of PMs and emails about the following same question. So, here are some answers for you.

While the Super GT unit (SGT) is conventional (No valve controlled) performance exhaust system,
Yes, the GTC unit is (Sound and Performance) controllable!! with or without (optional) wireless remote control we offer.
You can enjoy the aggressive exhaust roar, turbo propelled sound, also (most of all) the power gain when you want it
and at the same time you can make it civil (quiet) and humble when you need it.
No one else offers this EV-C feature in the market.

It is Electronic Motor control (Just like all new F30 BMW factory exhaust units are), so we named it EV Controlled unit (EV-C unit)
and YES, even the new factory OE exhaust units are moving away from ancient vacuum source valve operation and going into
ECU operated electric motor control.

Here is a link for GTHAUS – Meisterschaft F10 M5 exhaust product offerings:

Hope this clarifies and answer some of your questions,
and if you have any further detailed questions, please email us or give us a call.
Thank you for your interests !!


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