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Originally Posted by ucla95 View Post
1) The B&O is one of the biggest wastes of money I've ever spent. I already had that feeling, but now the speaker grills are rattling (which I can hear when the stereo is off). Anyone else having this problem?

2) My NAV is terrible. Twice in the last few days it's taken me to the wrong address. It gets the street correct but has taken me to somewhere that's like 400 numbers away from where I plan to go. It's like it's shifted or something from time to time. But it's not every time. I've triple checked the addresses.
Anyone else?

Thanks in advance!
No issues with my B&O. Sounds like a warranty issue.

Regarding Nav - this is a well known issue with all BMW Nav since 2010. They switched the mapping provider to another provider which offered better graphics. So we now have better graphics than Lexus does, but worse maps. Unfortunately not much we can do - it is part of the burden of owning a BMW these days.

It does vary by region. I have never been sent to the wrong place in Florida or Georgia. I fell victim to this in Europe. However I have heard in other parts of the country the nav data is horrendous.
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