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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot
Originally Posted by bradone1 View Post
Stealth!! Please post pics so I can see how yours is setup in the front compared to mine and the pics i sent you

I am really eager to know (and test with you) if jeff mounted everything correctly and also if we need to adjust... And what your installer thought of how jeff and I did it

Thanks brother
I did HP sensors, so mine are mounted lower. I tested it on a straight road, and also a road with curves and undulation and had no issues.

However for BMW sensors you have the right mounting. I showed your pics to the guy who has installed and tested a lot of these, and he said if they are level and straight, then your mounting is perfect. He isn't concerned about the slight recess.

I will be back Saturday afternoon. If you want we can test Sunday am, before I take the GF for brunch.
That's fantastic with the info from your installer and great news that yours are working perfectly. The LI system is so quiet compared to the bel that I forget if its even on and have learned to tune out the startup chime..

I can do Sunday, let me see if Jeff is avail, I know he wanted to be involved. Where should we meet?

Thank you again