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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
I ordered the stock 19s specifically because I wanted a winter wheel that I knew would not have fitment issues. I dont need to be driving on 20s in the winter months in NY/NJ. I do however think the B18s are a very understated after market wheel. It almost has an OEM-ish look to them, which is why I chose them.
Don't get me wrong, I also like the B18 rim, a very good looking one piece which I prefer to the bolt-together look. It does fit the style of the car, and I hope the after market will come up with some lighter than stock 19s that look as good. Even for track day use I'm not convinced that 20s will out perform 19s given the same tread width. Perhaps if I were such a good driver that the slight delay in response from the slightly more flexible sidewall made a difference, maybe, but since that isn't the case I'll go with the look I like.