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Originally Posted by Zlaatan View Post
I disagree, I think most people would prefer the look of an M5 that was lowered 1" and had nice 21" wheels over a stock M5.
Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
Absolutely ridiculous. If most people preferred this, BMW would sell it as an option package. They aren't ones to leave money on the table.
Well they do sell this as option packages.. They have the M-sport package for every car in the line up. Look at the new BMW Performance parts for the F30 and the options you can get for that, front lips, side skirts, 20" wheels, red brake calipers, lowered suspension.. you can even get it with stripes!!
It looks like every other aftermarket tuner out there, only it's OEM.

And speaking of the M5, why do they offer one 19" and one 20" option for the M5 if the 19" wheels are so much more comfortable and offer better performance (if they too were forged as the 20" wheels are)? Because bigger wheels look better. (up to a certain point)

And I did say most people would think the M5 looks better with 21" wheels and a drop. I didn't say most people would want to drive a car with a stiffer ride, bigger chance of scraping the nose and pay 5000-10000$ to do so..