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6 Months Ownership... all with a smile.

Ok. I have been pretty quiet on the boards. Combination of work, life and the fact we have our first child on the way (four weeks and counting...).

But I pop in twice a week and read the posts. Sympathise with some postings. Agree with others. Disagree with a few. And admire the modifcations people are doing with their M5s.

Now, after 6 months of happy ownership, I thought I would give a simple view of how I feel about the M5.

Quite simply... it makes me smile.

I smile when I see it each time I head to my carpark.

I smile when I catch it reflected in a window, out of the corner of my eye.

I smile when I someone at work asks about it... or comments they saw it in the company carpark.

I smile at the sound on start up.

I smile at the sound under full throttle.

I smile when a pedestrian asks me if it is the "new" M5 and then asks for me to hit the loud pedal for him.

I smile as I pull out of a Toll Gate is France where the speed limit is 130k/h and no one minds how fast you get there.

I smile when it is just myself and my wife, criss-crossing south east England on weekends away, enjoy a (short) Grand Tour.

I smile after the car is washed and the Citrine Black looks its best.

I smile when I use it for the weekly shop... even though a Ford Fiesta could be just as good.

And I definitely grin when the exhaust pops under braking, after an aggresive acceleration.

It is a damn fine automobile. Fit for purpose... not matter what I do in it.

Looking forward to the next few years of ownership.