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Originally Posted by mbVSbmw View Post
To recap.

Next year we might see:

1. Led Headlights and updated Rear Lights
2. 3 series style line between kidney grill and headlights (possible)?
3. New iDrive touch controller and updated NAV
4. Electronic dash display
5. Updated steering as mentioned for regular 5 series ?
6. Carbon brakes.
7. M6 steering / Carbon interior trim ?
8. Side bolsters buttons (True 20 way seat) ?
9. 2nd year of production with less problems.

Let me know if I am miss something, or there is something that won't be for sure.
My guess none of above, and not sure of the less problems as this is the second year of production. The noted recall was the oil pump which was a replacement vs. A nagging problem. Personally not too inclined to worry about what I can't control. The car I have is perfect, and I hate the LED's because they are slapped on anything with wheels now. Sorry yes to the brakes. I would love to see a pole on what percentage of owners track their M5's?