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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
My car arrived yesterday, and though it was later than I wanted, it was much earlier than I expected.

The BMW NA Customer Service rep was really fantastic, and once she was engaged she got me the car in a week and a half and also took charge of compensation. It made a world of difference, and I wished I had engaged her earlier.

Over the past few weeks I had been getting progressively disappointed with my re-delivery experience:
- Delays in scheduling for export
- Slow processing at VPC
- Oil Pump recall and delays
- BMW ED department not answering my emails at all

The mistake I had made previously was calling the BMW ED department. They really lack the empowerment to do anything - they can't even pick up the phone and call the VPC. However the Customer Service department is quite powerful, and if they are on your side, things will move quickly.

So heres the rule for ED customers: Don't call BMW ED department, call BMW NA Customer Service.
Good to hearmine was great as well. Took care of compensation, and M school when I picked up my car. She was located in New Jersey, and called me with updates every two days. I sent BMW corporate a very nice letter on her service and then need to read this board and see some of the not so good situations. Good luck to the others still waiting.