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My 2 cents for what it's worth we are seeing the power of the Internet with owners sharing what they received. The oil pump recall has no merit for a legal claim unless there was personal injury. As we know Barry had the first and only failure we know of? BMW did the right thing with the recall clearly to isolate the bad part.

M school was a good gesture to say thanks for being a good customer, and we're sorry case closed. But some of us, and including myself made personal calls and cut deals for various failures. Some members were waiting for BMW to offer them a deal when there was no deal on the table. Many members are completely satisfied, and no harm done. My deal was I planned a trip to drive my car from Michigan to Atlanta around my confirmed delivery date which this ordeal changed thus my compensation.

Again this is the power or the Internet, but also the confusion it can cause. Honestly not sure how BMW could solve for everyone's problem, but a recall is a recall not a design flaw we are all stuck with. If a recall is the cause for compensation I think we all would have compensation from most of the cars we have purchased. Good luck, and enjoy your cars.