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Originally Posted by Used2be View Post
From the lack of response to my question is it possible that there is no such thing as a User's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication? It is referred to at least twice in the pdf version of the Owner's Manual on page 217 at CD/Multimedia, and page 221 at Navigation. I just found it again on page 6 with this entry:
User's manual for Navigation, Entertainment, Communication

The topics of Navigation, Entertainment and Communication are described in a separate user's manual, which is also included with the onboard literature.

Were none of you owners who actually have an F10 M5 given the User's Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Communication by the dealer when you picked up the car? Or, is it sitting neglected in the glove box, unnoticed?
It came with the manual, and sorry I read it and placed it back in the car.