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Originally Posted by B-1 Pilot View Post
I am trying to determine color for a future order. I am 90% certain I want Brillriant White Metallic. I am very intrigued by the frozen variant -- however I dont want to have to repaint it in a couple of years -- and where I live and will be living (now DC, future west Texas) the car will take a bit of a beating from road.

It seems like the best solution if you want a frozen color is to wrap the car with Xpel Stealth... but this brings about 3 big questions. First, does it preserve the frozen color, or does it change it to matte? Will it require a full wrap for it to look uniform throughout the car? If so, why not just buy a Brilliant White Metallic (glossy) car, and wrap it with Xpel Stealth to give it the Frozen 'look' that can be removed in the future if need be?

Thanks in advance...
Best bet would be to cover an AW M5 with the Xpel Stealth or Premier's Satin Guard product. Probably cheaper also. And yes the whole car would need to be covered.
If you order a matte colour from the factory, cover it in the Xpel Ultimate or another competitive product. Placing a 'matte' film over an already matte painted car would not be necessary.
I had a 2010 R8 V10 in gloss black completely covered by Premier in their Satin Guard; looked like it was painted that way from the factory and stopped traffic it looked so awesome; (imho of course. lol)