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Ok, a bit confused now.

a). Is there any film you can cover a frozen paint job with that maintains its frozen look? I was led to believe that standard films would 'add' the missing glossiness and negate the frozen effect. I have seen exactly one frozen M5 with film and its film was quite obvious half way up the hood.

b). Does satin guard simulate a frozen color? website is a bit vague:

c). If satin guard or XPel stealth do this.. should the underlying color be metallic? Meaning that with the films a solid like Alpine White (AW) or Jet Black would look matte, but a metallic like Brilliant White (BW) or Black Sapphire would look frozen.

My bottomline is that while color and finish are cool, protection of the car's paint is key for me. I have no problems wrapping the whole thing, but dont want to drop 5k on a frozen paint job that wont be able to be appreciated once wrapped in a plastic. If its not possible to remain looking the same (or very close) I will just go BW and use PPF and Opti Guard.

Thanks for the info so far.
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