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Originally Posted by B-1 Pilot View Post
Ok, a bit confused now.

a). Is there any film you can cover a frozen paint job with that maintains its frozen look? I was led to believe that standard films would 'add' the missing glossiness and negate the frozen effect. I have seen exactly one frozen M5 with film and its film was quite obvious half way up the hood.

b). Does satin guard simulate a frozen color? website is a bit vague:

c). If satin guard or XPel stealth do this.. should the underlying color be metallic? Meaning that with the films a solid like Alpine White (AW) or Jet Black would look matte, but a metallic like Brilliant White (BW) or Black Sapphire would look frozen.

My bottomline is that while color and finish are cool, protection of the car's paint is key for me. I have no problems wrapping the whole thing, but dont want to drop 5k on a frozen paint job that wont be able to be appreciated once wrapped in a plastic. If its not possible to remain looking the same (or very close) I will just go BW and use PPF and Opti Guard.

Thanks for the info so far.
As explained to me by Premier before I had the R8 covered, the Satin Guard will change whatever colour the car is painted into a 'matte', e.g. Gloss black to matte black, gloss white to matte white, etc. I am not sure what effect it would have when applied to a 'frozen' colour which is essentially matte from the factory. In your position I would call them directly and ask as they are the experts. To totally cover the car is not cheap especially the way Premier does it, meaning they wrap every edge possible and remove trim, badges etc so as to hide all edges. Hence my suggestion to not spend the money on the paint, but to save it for the film. Btw, one great feature of the Satin Guard is that it is so damn easy to take care of. No waxing, just wash and dry the car. Plus it is 8 mil thick so will protect all covered surfaces as well as a regular 3M type film. Good luck with the decision.