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iND F10 M5 hits the dyno @ EAS

While the rest of the IND staff brave the rapidly oncoming Chicago winter, our M5 project is on a small tour of California, making stops at European Car, Brembo, and European Auto Source for some upcoming product development, a soon-to-be-released magazine feature, and some other surprises. For the last two weeks after the SEMA show, European Auto Source has been our M5 project’s home away from home.

Although we are in the very early stages of performance parts development for the F10 M5, one thing is already a priority: validation, validation, and validation. When it comes to testing and validation of any kind, no amount of data is too much. So when our friends at European Auto Source offered to not only install our Gruppe M intake at their facility, but also to dyno test our M5 on their DynoJet dyno, we jumped at the chance.

Despite the fact that our car’s fuel tank is currently full of 91 octane instead of the usual 93, and that the weather in California now is very different that the weather in Chicago during our previous dyno tests, we are of the opinion that more data points are always a plus. With that being said, our M5 rolled onto EAS’ dyno with the goal of producing some before and after runs, with the original intake system as well as the Gruppe M.

After the roar of the exhaust was finally silenced and the smoke cleared, the car produced a respectable 535 wheel horsepower with the Gruppe M intake, even with 91 octane fuel. Enjoy the video!