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Originally Posted by ONEOF40 FS M3 View Post

After months of research, I must admit I am obsess with cars as probably many of you, I placed an order for a 2013 F10 M5 last night. This will be my fourth M-car…first was 2002 e39 M5 (sold last month - a masterpiece, a highway freight-train, glad it went to a friend that will let me drive at times), second 2006 e60 M5 (sold last year - wild ride, excitement and best exhaust sound from its S85 V10 jewel w/ SS and X-pipe exhaust), third 2012 e92 M3 Frozen Silver Edition (currently own- pure driving addiction and the M-exhaust sound is as addictive as the e60 M5’s exhaust).

I only driven the F10 M5 a few miles so I don’t have enough feedback but for now the overall package makes me think of a Jetliner…

Some of you might be asking yourselves why manual? Well, there is something about having feeling more control over a large high performance sedan, maybe it is just me and my fixation with the e39 M5 which only came manual.

It will be the first M car I own to be European Delivery and production order specs are as follow:

- F10 M5
- Manual Transmission
- Monte Carlo Blue
- 20” Premium Light Alloy Wheels
- Silverstone II Extended Merino Leather
- Piano Black Finish Trim
- Head Up Display

I will pick up car at the end of January during my annual trip to Spain. Of course I can’t wait but there is something exciting about the wait.

I will keep you updated after pick up and once the car makes over sometime in March. The car will shipped to South Carolina for pick up and a one day M-school.

Then as a M3 forum I will give you my fair opinion about the new F10 M5 vs the e92 M3...but as I mentioned earlier the M3 is "Pure Driving Addiction"
How old are you? Just wondering.

You have a 2012 M3 yet you just placed an order for a 2013 M5? Is your 2012 M3 completely paid off? If not it would probably be wise (unless you make over $100k a year) to keep the M3.

I am trying not to be negative but I would enjoy the 2012 M3 for a few years and then move over to an M5 or whatever. But again if you make $150k a year then go for it.