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Living with the M5... on the Street, at the Track

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It's been a while since I last posted on the forums and I thought it’s nice to contribute back to the community with the M5 journey I had for the last 9 months…

Mar ‘12

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Delivery day of the M5 – Singapore Gray w/ Cohiba Brown Interior (Alcantara Headliner)

I couldn’t be happier with the interior choice I made: Cohiba Brown & Alcantara headliner. Not exactly a classic choice but the rich chocolate interior color is gorgeous and a big step up from my previous cars (E92 M3 & R35 GTR)

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Frozen Gray M5 for Delivery + M3 GTS in background

Apr ‘12

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E60 M5 vs F10 M5 (front) – During my practice session at the Kart Track

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E60 M5 vs F10 M5 (rear)

Aug ‘12

F10 M5’s first outing to Sepang Track, Malaysia for my Formula BMW Testing Session. Hit speed limited at Speedometer indicated 265km/h (~240km/h GPS speed); funny sensation as the car cuts power and rev refuses to increase even though you are WOT. Stability & long-range cruising ability of the M5 truly makes the car shine, covered 315KMs in 2 hours.

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My Formula BMW - Testing Sessions

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Ferrari 458 GT3 Testing for Merdeka Race

Sep '12

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Singapore Gray M5 vs M6 Convertible

Nov ‘12

Took the M5 up to Sepang again, but this time round it does its duty on the track for amusement purpose. Absolutely hauls its weight on the straights touching 150mph+, braking power is good despite unfavorable long brake pedal travel (progressive for the street, not a nice feeling on the track when you trying to slow down for turn 1). Due to its weight, you can feel brake fade starting to kick in by the 3rd to 4th lap. Still – had a fabulous time on the track and performance exceeded my expectations for a 4-door, 2tonne+ car.

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Fly-by on the front straight at 140mph+ along with other cars, crank up your speakers!

M Power Drive

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Launch of M135 – Fun little car to drive with fast shifting 8-speed gearbox.
Not in love with the hatch look – but a great package overall.
Interior is noteworthy with plenty of alcantara and contrast stitching, car looks better from the inside than outside.

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Looks like the M5 will be a keeper and I'm looking forward to building more memories with it in the coming years....

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