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Originally Posted by johntomferg View Post
So I am evaluating having the vehicle delivered to my local dealer in town.
However, I did not purchase from them and have been advised that there may be a prep/delivery charge (awaiting what that amount could be).

I'm looking at this option since it is essentially Christmas before a PCD can be arranged (earliest date Dec 19th, not workable for me. 20th and 21st are full. So I have asked for the 24th - awaiting availability).

Can anyone else who took this kind of delivery option (to a dealer you did not purchase through) tell me what their experience and expense was like?

Thanks in advance.
I considered doing that last month dealer (A) whom I purchased from was going to send the car to dealer (B) closer to my home. Dealer (B) was going to charge 500.00 to do the delivery prep considering they didn't sell the car, and the associated paper work. Dealer (A) agreed to ship the car to my home and would have charged me, so bottom line I picked the car while enjoying a great drive. Hope that helps.