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Originally Posted by LAKEOM5 View Post
Opti Guard is stronger than clear coat. It locks in the perfected paint from the detailer.

I paid $300 to polish the paint and $300 to opti guard it. You dont need to wax it again. You can wax to give it a little extra shine but not needed. Opti is slick and doesnt allow things to stick to it. Replaces waxing and protects the clear coat.

You can wash it easier as well. A hose will rinse most dirt off. That is the idea. If you run it though car washes (yikes, never) you will develop scratches faster but it is pretty tough. Maybe a few years down the line you might want to polish the opti guard to take any imperfections out of it.

Opti Guard is permanent. It isnt like synthetic wax that wears off after 4-12 months. This is on for good. You would have to machine polish the heck out of it to get it off. Once I get some photos of my car I will post.

My black metallic looks wet and deep. Car has a mirror finish and looks AMAZING. Works very well on windows (perm Rain X like results) and wheels (brake dust will not build up or stick)

Having never done it before I am very happy with the results.

Save your weekends, no more polishing or waxing. Lock in the perfect paint.
I do like the idea of a coating on the wheels to make brake dust just wash off. Sounds too good to be true!
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