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Originally Posted by wdimagineer View Post
They don't. I imported it back when I could.
Wow! Didn't know that was possible, how did you homologate it for the US? I'd be interested in importing a B7 RS4 Avant in the future!
Originally Posted by grendel88 View Post
I loved my Sprint Blue RS4 with Titanium package...even with my E92, I have a sweet spot for that car.
Sprint blue, ahh. Love that color as much as Imola. So nice. TI package is one thing I wish my RS4 had.
Originally Posted by nugent View Post
I had a sprint blue rs4 2 cars back. the best description of the exhaust note was "like a volcano making love to an avalanche." that engine was far ahead of its time and it took bmw and merc a couple years to catch up with their own versions. i still have fond memories of that beast. it did rely quite a bit on technology for its handling response though. even though most the V8 was hanging ahead of the front axle, the steering feel with turn-in tricked you into thinking otherwise. at speed though, there is no disguising the poor weight balance of audi's though. talk about understeer. most people did not recognize the rs4 as anything more than a modded a4, which may or may not be what you're looking for. welcome to the club!
The engine sounded marvelous. The RS4 definitely had a tendency to understeer, but my car wasn't exactly stock. Got stiffer rear sway bars and had the car corner balanced on the KWs. Handled outstandingly after that and nearly eradicated any understeer. But thanks!
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