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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post
This is what confused me - I saw Opticoat was $70 to buy, and wondered why I was quoted $650 for Optiguard. Assumming the Optiguard quote entails much prep work as well. Thx!
From what I have read, the difference between the DIY opti-coat 2.0 and the "PRO" Optiguard is the cure time. The DIY version has a slower cure time to allow the novice more time to "get the application right" before it hardens.

The extra cost you were quoted is all labor time. There will be a full exterior detail and "paint correction" BEFORE the Optiguard is applied. I believe the detail is roughly $300 and then the application is roughly $300. Leading to your total cost.

One other tidbit I read was that the DIY opticoat is not approved for exterior windows. This has nothing to do with the product, only that if not applied correctly it will leave a haze and affect visibility. The PRO applied product is usually applied to the windows without issue.

This is all from reading/other user comments. I personally have not used or had this product applied yet. I also have a white car.
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