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Originally Posted by star21 View Post

A friendly business competition will certainly help the customer in the long run. I think it'd be interesting to see the RPi exhaust on a DynoJet versus a Dyno Dynamics unit.

Since the RPi exhaust claims the most significant expected gain of 20-30 HP, I think it'd be great to independently verify it. The 3" piping and VERY straight through design (so much so that it includes a new support brace!) will definitely help to reach that goal. The straight through design also goes in a completely different direction from all other exhausts on the market.

The exhaust system you can tell is a tuner shop product as the weld joints appear to be done by a skilled hand. It looks well built and again shows contrast to the other big names on the market who probably have robotic welded joints, pressed muffler sections, etc. I'm not a fan of the muffler look/design and the support brace but if it works then one doesn't have much to complain about.
Actually I'm not a fan of the muffler design that much either. In fact I'm highly considering having RPi design me a one off Y-Pipe design for a complete muffler delete on the system. Coming from a Full RPi Stage 2 E60 M5, the straight piped exhaust system for the V10 produced a crazy insane amount of drone and no other drone in the world will ever be worse than that car was. Therefore doing a muffler delete in an turbo muffled F10 M5 wouldn't bother me at all. Just remember that I am a little crazy when it comes to the decibal level on M5's. LOL!

But yes everything you pointed out is very observant and accurate. A lot of what you said has exactly to do with the generation of so much power. That design came out of hundreds of hours of Research & Development and hundreds of dyno tests.

When you want your exhaust system to look pretty, you call Akropovic.

When you want proven power for your M5, you call RPi.
Honestly, I would forgive BMW for every mistake they ever made, if they just let us Americans buy the G30 M550d.