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I agree ... this will help people looking for a exhaust system make their decision easier
It would also probably make some people think about switching their exhaust system too

As for the title I think it should be for ANY F10 M5 in the US to brag about ... lol

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A friendly business competition will certainly help the customer in the long run. I think it'd be interesting to see the RPi exhaust on a DynoJet versus a Dyno Dynamics unit.

Since the RPi exhaust claims the most significant expected gain of 20-30 HP, I think it'd be great to independently verify it. The 3" piping and VERY straight through design (so much so that it includes a new support brace!) will definitely help to reach that goal. The straight through design also goes in a completely different direction from all other exhausts on the market.

The exhaust system you can tell is a tuner shop product as the weld joints appear to be done by a skilled hand. It looks well built and again shows contrast to the other big names on the market who probably have robotic welded joints, pressed muffler sections, etc. I'm not a fan of the muffler look/design and the support brace but if it works then one doesn't have much to complain about.
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On another note, is there a purpose to having "the most powerful F10 M5 in the U.S." or just merely bragging rights? Private party or tuner shop?

Not to complicate things but just plain out raw power is one thing but having usable power that won't prematurely detonate the power train is entirely different. Power that can be used throughout the RPM range (without significant lag or power delivery abruptness) instead of only a top RPM sweet spot. No offense but I just find this kind of thread talk a bit ridiculous. I can totally understand it though as many consumers will be drawn or tricked simply by focusing on peak horsepower gains.

If you're just talking about raw numbers, I'm sure if someone was brave enough (or stupid depending on your outlook) they'd just increase the boost and add power adders to get BIG peak numbers.