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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Actually I'm not a fan of the muffler design that much either. In fact I'm highly considering having RPi design me a one off Y-Pipe design for a complete muffler delete on the system. Coming from a Full RPi Stage 2 E60 M5, the straight piped exhaust system for the V10 produced a crazy insane amount of drone and no other drone in the world will ever be worse than that car was. Therefore doing a muffler delete in an turbo muffled F10 M5 wouldn't bother me at all. Just remember that I am a little crazy when it comes to the decibal level on M5's. LOL!

But yes everything you pointed out is very observant and accurate. A lot of what you said has exactly to do with the generation of so much power. That design came out of hundreds of hours of Research & Development and hundreds of dyno tests.

When you want your exhaust system to look pretty, you call Akropovic.

When you want proven power for your M5, you call RPi.
Who did BMW call