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I'd like to see dyno numbers but would LOVE to see real world action ...

(I had RPi air scoops for my E60 M5 too .. amazing)

Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Dude, you should have been around when RPi first came out with their air scoops for the E60 M5, a time tested and proven simple mod that make genuine power. There were many doubters and naysayers, but I was winning races left and right. Lol!

I'm not absolutely saying that it is or isn't the most powerful system out there. I'm saying that it is the most powerful that has been published so far. I haven't seen any other manufacterer claim or achieve these kind of power gains from just an exhaust system. If I did see another, then I would definitely mention them.

But seriously, I really don't care about dyno numbers. I'm all about real world results, hence the reference with air scoops and races.

The way that RPi tests its products is extremely rigorous. Hundreds of tests are run to look for the best power output combined with functionality, while form comes last, but always manages to be very aesthetic and a aurally good product as far as exhausts go. RPi also dyno's their vehicles on the low side. Their numbers are always the lowest out of any tuning shop as far as stock vehicle wheel horsepower goes.

I'm confident that I will win against anyone willing to play a little bit in the real world and not in the dyno world.