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Originally Posted by GTHAUS View Post
Thank you !!
That is the exact purpose of our GTC unit. These videos are GTC - Open mode (Loud) tested.
You can shut the valve (Closed mode) and go back to stock sound at anytime you wish
by clicking your wireless remote system - please refer to the video (top of this thread) we have posted.
thanks again.
I guess I was confused over your labeling of the systems. The Super GT system is the same as the GTC controllable system, just without the muffler valve control? On a stage 2 motor with the catless downpipes, wouldn't running with the control flap closed for long periods of time cause problems with the stage 2 tune? That's why I was wondering how the Super GT stage 2 system sounds during regular driving with no control valve. I'm thinking at low rpm with a turbo motor the exhaust sound might not be all that loud through your mufflers. I don't recall the rpm needed for 7th gear at 80mph, I'd appreciate your telling me, but with the torque of this motor at low rpm it should be very driveable at low rpm in all the gears.

Oh, on a side note, is there a functional purpose for the vertical dividers you have in the exhaust tips? Interesting look and I wondered if they were just to keep large furry creatures from crawling into the mufflers?