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Originally Posted by jmh View Post
Derek spent a few hours investigating the various possibilities and he got a little side tracked and spliced the video out from the iPod Touch into the HUD

The LEDs have been fitted into the HUD unit (quite complex as the entire
unit is fairly large and is of interesting shape/architecture

The detectors have been installed in the front and rear bumpers, the laser
diffusers have also been mounted in the front and rear bumpers

All work was done by Sound in Motion in Boston (

Next up will be the upgrade of the B&O system to live up to its potential ....

- Jan
Your installer does know his stuff, nice work. BUT........the video to the HUD is just asking for trouble. And you're the only one who can see it, so when you're on a long boring drive by yourself somewhere and you think you can get away with it, you plug in the iPod for a short video, and then....... It's one thing to be watching the tach as you're speeding up the road, but entirely another to focus on a video, I think. I haven't tried it myself, but it seems dangerous. But certainly fun to show off to friends!