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I've only seen the Akrapovic exhaust on posts and heard what it sounds like in video clips ..
But based on the posts it certainly look's like a high quality product and the fact that BMW co-signed it is just the cherry on top.
Are there any dyno numbers showing how much HP increase the Akrapovic exhaust produces on the F10 M5?

Nevertheless Star21 has some great points ... TITANIUM baby!!

Originally Posted by star21 View Post
I don't really think I'd take it THAT far but I think the reason why there are a few against Akrapovic is because frankly they're the most popular (some could even say trendy) at the moment. Sure some might not be satisfied with the sound or power but I do really think there are some against it mainly because it has grown so popular.

Yes, power and sound may a bit conservative for the F10 M5 but that might've been the one of the many reasons why BMW decided to run Akrapovic on their safety car and do a subconscious endorsement of the brand. Clearly the quality is there if they're in the higher end of motorsports like DTM and FIA LMP1 racing.

People may balk at the price of the Akrapovic but let's not forget it's made out of titanium and not stainless steel so there will of course be a price increase in material and manufacturing costs. In that price sense, wouldn't the Eisenmann (as an example) be a tad overpriced since it's made out of stainless steel and priced close to the Akrapovic? People find it easy to find power numbers are down on the Akrapovic from others but forget about the performance benefits of less weight.

Are RPi's products corrosion resistant painted or even possibly ceramic coated for heat insulation? I've only seen several examples of the system unpainted/coated.

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