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Originally Posted by charley10us View Post
Why do you have a Lidar the escort9500ci shifters really work for lidar
I bought my own lidar gun because I regularly test my setup for effectiveness. I drive Autobahn speeds on Interstates where traffic allows me to do so safely. However I don't want to go to jail so the effectiveness of my countermeasures (Laser Interceptor Quad HP, Bel STIR+, and Zaon MRX) are very important to me.

I have a 9500ci from 2009 in our Lexus, and to be honest that was readable by police. The shifters delayed the time to lock so gave you a short window to slow down, but they could punch through, and could punch through instantly with a lucky shot. So I put LI on the Lexus to bolster the 9500ci. The K40 is about as effective as the 2009 Escort shifters.

2012 ZR4 shifters from Escort seem to perform better, but still not on par with LI. But good enough if you have a perfect uncompromised install. The problem with the latest ones though is they are still brute force jammers, so you will get a lot of errors, like the shifter trying to jam an Infiniti, or trying to jam the sun during sunrise and sunset. The LI never falses.
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