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1200 mile service unable to unlock

Hey guys

Just left the dealer after my initial break in for the 1200 miles. I only had 1119 miles on it and they changed all fluids and all other things *but* they told me that the car says its unable to reset the 1200 mile service,

The head mechanic (shop foreman) who performed the service (my good friend) said that the car would not let him take it off, I witnessed this also myself

He asked me to try these steps after I hit 1200 miles, of it still doesn't do it and remove it after 1200 miles hits then drive another 1200 miles and do this again, if not bring it back to him if I want him to do it

1) get in car and don't turn on or press pedals

2) press and hold black button on left side of speedometer, in corner and hold down

3) message will appear about 1200 mile svc,

4) press and hold again and it will clear the 1200 mile svc and unlock what's needed

Mine says unable to do this

I will follow up and let everyone know what happens

Until then he said I can drive it like I stole it and after it unlocks I will be good

I have a 6mt so no launch anyway

I just went 140 on the turn pike, this car had way more to give me.... Truly amazing