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Originally Posted by PappSchlumpf View Post
Well, it's snowing in Europe and temps are getting colder... already -3 C today. I am curious how many of you are already driving in Snow ?

I am avoiding getting the car out there now, not because of the snow but in order to avoid the salt... they are pouring salt like mad on the highways and roads...

Having said that how is the car handling in Snow ? I assume people would drive in full comfort mode to avoid any accidents.
i would be interested in other owner's snow/ice driving experiences as well. i can only contribute my M5 driving experience in heavy rain on the autobahn with new summer tyres: excellent, at 170km/h dead stable and planted, much better than my previous C4S 997. but of course snow/ice with winter tyres is a whole different ball game. i shall change over to the factory winter wheel set soon. comments are highly appreciated,