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Originally Posted by Used2be View Post
Interesting, is the car able to keep a circulating pump operating for turbo cooling even after the car is turned off? Is it possible that cooling might also be for the water cooled ECUs in the engine bay? This car is by FAR the most technically challenging piece I've ever owned, or will own in a month or two.
The conventional coolant pump is driven by a belt and cannot be used for cooling the exhaust turbocharger after the engine has shutdown. For this reason there is an electic coolant pump, which works at a power of 20W. This is done by a seperate cooling circuit. This circuit can also be activated during engine operation, the electric coolant pump can be switched on taking into account the following factors:

- Coolant temperature at engine outlet
- Engine oil temperature
- Injected fuel quantity

The heat input into the engine is calculated thes values. The after-run of the electric coolant pump can last up to 30 minutes. To improve the cooling effect, the electric fan is activated and can for up to a max of 11 minutes.

There are two separate 50W cooling pumps for the DMEs (one for each bank)
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