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Originally Posted by Mr-blow-M-OFF View Post
I plan to purchase a M5's exhaust. Ak? Or Gthaus? Which one's sound is better, I mean Loud but not annoying. Anyone has installed on his car?
Akrapovic is a great option, however, if you are looking for the loudest option it may not be the best choice. Akrapovic is known for a quality that is quite simply second to none. The only concern is that it does not have the same presence as a say a race performance exhaust. This is primarily due to TÜV homologation and the strict requirements the said governing body has on exhaust manufacturers.

Have you checked out Eisenmann?

Eisenmann is another option out there that you might be interested in. As an OEM manufacturer for both Porsche and AMG, Eisenmann has access to a plethora of TUV approved testing equipment, including frequency analasys equipment, enabling Eisenmann engineers to design a system that produces a loud exhaust volume while also maintaining a focus on the appropriate M5 tone.