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Originally Posted by mattmv06 View Post
I'm not sure what faults the software can delete. If its a major issue then the field service engineer would come out and take a look at it and they can see whole lot more than we as techs can see. so I can't answer what they can see or if they'd be able to detect it.
Exactly, it's an unsure situation, and if you have demolished the transmission or the differential through an excess of horsepower I imagine BMW would bring in the field service engineer if it looked to be beyond just usual wear and tear. Or, if the engine has a major failure I'd think BMW would carefully check those parameters that would indicate unusual fuel use, high turbo boosts, or whatever else would indicate out of factory adjustments to the systems.

I'd love to jump into Stage 2 and have all that power to play with, but I don't have an insurance policy that would pay for an out of warranty malfunction. I wouldn't doubt an engine replacement would be 10s of thousands of $$. Am I too timid......perhaps. Although I do think it will still be a very fun toy even in fully stock trim. Perhaps at the end of the warranty period when all of the developed upgrades are tried and true would be the time to jump to Stage 5, or whatever they'll be up to at that time.