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Originally Posted by avi8tir View Post
That all being said, what about those that chose the 20" OEM option over the 19"? It seems that 20" is acceptable on the F10 - but I believe its because it's a factory offered option. If it were 19's only from the factory, I bet everyone would be saying the same thing about aftermarket 20's - just like everyone did on the E60 M5 (I had 20" HRE's and could not tell the difference in performance at all as compared to the stock 19's).

just some food for thought....

I agree, the 20's are step on the 19's but arent they forged vs the cast 19's? The optimal wheel would probably be an 18 inch wheel but I think most would agree that they could not live with the looks with 18s on a F10 body. I couldnt so Id forgo optimal performance for form.

At some point performance takes too much of a hit personally and for me its the weight gains on 21's. HRE has done amazing things with their 20 inch monoblock line to keep weight down and thats why Im good with 20's (mine are around 21 lbs front and rear) instead of going to 19's. Another thing with 21's is that in order to keep your diameter similar or the same as factory you need to run 30 series tires up front and 25 series in the rear. You will lose some performance handlingwise as your series percentages drop. I dont run any 25 series on any of my cars anymore. I used to with my M6, E63, CLS63TT and E63TT wagon but with the M I want the optimal setup for my driving needs. This is the same for my Black Series, GTR, 997.2TT as well.
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