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Originally Posted by Rob///M5 View Post
Apologies. I thought you just said you were going to buy an RS7.

I get that you want BMW to buy you a new car. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen. They damaged your bumper...they should fix it. Move on. Damage during transit sounds fairly common. BTW - you really should accept some financial compensation from BMW for the damage and oil pump.

Anyway, good luck and sorry for your troubles with the car.
Rob- No worry. I apologize too.

1. I never asked for any compensation from day one. I understand car gets damaged and even oil pump recall i understand. The financial compensation does really nothing for me. Couple grand is just another bag for the wife. Its not going to change anything.

2. I am going to get a RS7 for two reason- A. I can't get a RS6. B. BMW really really pissed me off this time around. I don't need the money from the M5 to get RS7.

3. I just really don't appreciate being lied to. The ED specialist Simone even went as far as accusing my dealer on the damage. I had to send her a pict to shut her up. That is not right. Weatherford has been nothing but helpful to me. They went way above and beyond to help me. I have nothing but high praise for them.

But every time i called BMW NA- its always- its a dealership problem, do you want to open a complaint against them. No one from BMW was taking responsibility.

Even as of this morning- When I called Melissa (finally answered), she still tried to spun the issue back to me. She claimed I told her that i had an appointment on 12/7 and she thought issue was taken care of. Little did she know, I recorded our previous conversation. The only 12/7 was mentioned is that i asked to have it fixed by that time frame.

I know no one wants to lose their job and will try to lie to cover their rear end. But once you start to lie, you have to tell even a bigger lie to cover the first lie. At the end, BMW just created a bigger mess that they can't get out of.

This thing can be handled much more smoothly from day one-

1. BMW could just apologize to me for damaging my car at VDC- instead they tried to ping that on the dealer.

2. BMW could just find a body shop close to my house on 11/13 and get my car fixed in a timely manner- instead BMW did nothing. My salesman at weatherford actually did all of the leg work and got BMW mountain view to repair my car (BMW MV dragged their feet- haven't heard from them since 11/26).

Never for once I asked for any compensation (until yesterday- when BMW ignored this issue way too long).

Is it so hard to tell the truth and apologize???? I really don't get it. I really think BMW just thought i am a pushover and not ask for compensation like many others have done earlier. BMW can just wait and let the issue evaporate. Unfortunately, that made me boil over.
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