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My fellow 6MTers, do you....

Hold on to your shifter like a am extra handle for dear life when you punch it around a corner?

I hold on to that damn gear shifter and its at the point where if I didn't have it, I may just fall out of my seat!!

I don't know what you DCTers hold on to, those little bunny ears are plastic for heavens sake..

Oh, btw, I love this car, every single time I drive it I want to tell everyone, even people I don't know, how much it continues to amaze me

Doing 130 on a round (almost a complete circle) highway entrance in 4th gear redlined, passing someone and firing out of the whole makes my heart tick!!!! It's just puts a crazy grin on my face, my wife says its a sinister look and she is scared

Fcuk it, lets do it again, I say!!!

Hark, i say, there is nothing like the drive of an ///M!