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I would assume people who are in the market for a M5 also have the cash for a M6. $16,000 shouldn't be that big of a difference for a $100k car. So why are there many more M5 than M6? And the number of peolpe viewing the M5 section is always at least 2x more than the M6 section. Why?

I also considered the M6 before placing my order for the M5. The main reason why I picked the M5 over the M6 is because girlfriend and family (not kids) like the space of the M5 more, and a bit because of the price. Another note; when I sat in the M6 driver's seat it felt squished and uncomfortable. I was a bit surprised that the bigger M6 felt smaller compared to the M3, and I don't even need to talk about the backseat.

So why are there many more M5 than M6? Is it because of the reasons I mentioned above or the look (even though the M6 is gorgeous in it's own ways, but more prefer the look of the M5)?

M5 also has more video reviews than the M6 (Top Gear, Fifth Gear, and etc.), and more vendor project cars and mods (IND, Manhart, 3D Design, and etc.). Maybe a vendor can let us know why?

Do you guys think the reason to the things above is because M5 may be more of a purpose built car (fastest/top four door in straight and on track) and M6 is more of a rich man's GT?
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