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Any update on the dyno competition?

Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Like I have posted in response to Black Markt in another thread and have posted many times in this forum, I am not afraid to make my intentions known. I believe in real world results and not the unpredictable world of dyno machines. All that I really care about with my F10 M5 is the gauranteed generation of power and performance. As you will see in this video, I am like 99% done with modding my F10 M5 cosmetically, and all that I have left to do is to do a matte black wrap on my door chrome. Seems like everybody and their grandma went with the gloss grills from IND, I decided to go with Matte Black for Front and Side Grills for better contrast on the Sapphire Black Metallic. Additionally I tinted the side turn signal light to 35%, I might go darker though. Up next will be lowering springs from Eibach, whenever they get finished designing them. I don't believe in 21" wheels, splitters, oversized diffusers, etc. That stuff just slows you down by adding more weight and greater drag in my opinion.

So the video pretty much speaks for itself.

A couple of things of note here are that in the 2nd pull, the camera car M3 is actually at full throttle and you can see that even with his mods, the results.

When I raced this same Superleggera with my former Full RPi Stage 2 E60 M5, making around 600chp, I would lose to him every time.

So my challenge still stands. I will take on anyone who only has an aftermarket exhaust on their F10 M5 of a different aftermarket manufacturer than RPi. It can be Akroslowvic, Eisenslow, Meisterslow, etc, etc (Haha just kidding around guys). Hell, I'll even race some GTR's tuned, or untuned, just to get a sense of how the M5 performs, but only 60-130mph of course. 0-60 I'll still stand no chance against the GTR. Or any car really, to just get a comparison. When RPi comes out with their GT Down Pipes next year, it'll be a different story though.