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Originally Posted by eNCore View Post
I would assume people who are in the market for a M5 also have the cash for a M6.
Perhaps most, but for me it would have been a difficult stretch to buy the M6. But, since I was going to spend close to 100K anyway I thought it prudent to check the M6 just in case it was a perfect fit. Background: I am coming from 15 years in a 1994 Lexus SC400 which in profile looks very much like the M6. Even with the similar look I knew the performance would be of a whole different level, so I didn't mind the prospect of another decade in a similar car.

After getting to the dealership and sitting in the M6 I was very disappointed. Even though the M6 wheelbase is 6 inches longer the overall car length is the same, and BMW didn't put the space to good use. Much more cramped for the driver, and even more for the back seat passengers. With no sunroof option, the solid roof makes for an even more closed in feeling. The visibility for the driver to the rear is reduced from the Lexus as well, so the decision to stay with the M5 was an easy one for me. I'm 6' tall with a medium build, so it's not like I'm unusually large.