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It's interesting to see how the new m5 divides opinion.

For me, this Chris Harris review is "on the money":

He has also written: "If the M5 feels nothing like as sharp [as the Nissan R35 GTR], you quickly alter your point of reference and realise that it is possibly the most complete fast car on sale. Its operating window is unprecedented -at any one time, but not simultaneously, you can choose: 190mph, crazy power slides, 25mpg, snap-crack gearshifts, near-silence and, of course, fake engine noise." Spot on again!

In the UK, the Cadillac is not a real contender. The real challenge is from the E63 AMG.
But, for me, there's more to enjoying a car than just having one which makes a loud noise in a straight line. The m5 offers the best all-round package of power, handling, refinement, aesthetics etc. It does feel big, but then you'd expect it to and it doesn't feel that big compared to an e60 or even my 911. In fact, I think it's 6cm narrower than my 997 911 turbo and only 6 cm longer than my e60 m5.

The Edmund review is odd. Was their experience marred by driving a manual?

The following comments just don't fit with the M5 that I drive:

"This is apparent out in the real world, where the M5 is fairly gutless below 3,000 rpm. ...
Below 3,000 rpm the V8's off-kilter note sounds more like a flat-4 with a mild aftermarket exhaust than a throaty V8. That's not to say it sounds bad. Just different."

Did they actually drive an m5??? Mine has LOADS of torque from very low revs and sounds like a V8.
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