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Originally Posted by 2013awm5 View Post
I don't understand why the M6 cost so much more then the M5. It's smaller,slower and less practical! Anyone have any insight on why the price is so different. I could understand the price of the convertible being more the the M5 but not the coupe.
Mostly the style tax. Mercedes figured that out with the original CLS, which is mostly an E Class from an engineering standpoint and even costs about the same for Mercedes to build, but people will pay more for a flashy coupe-style car than they will for an equivalent sedan. The E92 is more expensive than the E90, and the 6 Series Coupe is not only more expensive than the 5, it's more expensive than the 7! And that's just the coupe form, never mind comparing the 7 to the 6 Gran Coupe or Convertible.

To the OP, people who have that kind of cash tend to have it because they don't waste it, so I suspect many people didn't see what they were getting for their extra $16K. Personally if I were in the market, I'd take the M5 over any M6 even if they were all the same price. The M5:

- Has more space in the back, whereas the 6 has less space in the back not only than an M5, but than an E92! And of course you don't have to get out to let rear passengers in or out.

- Has a more welcoming interior in the front. The beam coming down from the dash to the center console on the 6 really makes the passenger feel cut off and even sort of trapped; it's unsettling to sit there. You also dodge that OCEAN of fake carbon fiber trim on the center console. And your only recourse is opting for wood, which has no place in an M car IMHO.

- Has better exterior styling. The 6 has some sporty, aggressive, and even attractive areas when viewed from certain angles, but it doesn't have the integrated flow that the F10 M5 does.

- Has virtually the same performance
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