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Originally Posted by DrewBert View Post
I don't know, I raced my friends stock 09 LP and even with a passenger he whooped me. Even with the egear his shifts didn't seem to lose him any momentum during our run. It seems fishy to me, unless this is an older Lamborghini...

I still say in the spring let me test your exhaust if it makes me beat him I'll pay full price plus 10% and if I lose you can have the exhaust back!
You mean you raced him with your stock F10 M5?

It's should be noted here in this race also that my friend's Superleggera is not the LP-570-4 (562hp) it is the previous generation (523hp). He has some other mods on his Lambo besides the straighpiped exhaust, but I can't remember, but he told me that he making around 570hp to the crank with his mods though.

Oh and sorry I can't loan out my RPi exhaust, I would miss it too much. Lol!